Snow Day

by Dave Fournier

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I've spent most of my life in the Northeast, and Snow Days have always been a magical reality, transforming the Everyday and bringing unexpected beauty.. I hope you enjoy this song and that it finds a spot on your holiday playlist!


Snow Day

Do you remember when we were kids
Before the heartache of latter years
Had gathered on our souls?

When winter winds brought their bitter sting
And weathermen were the Blizzard Kings
As the air grew wet and cold

We'd greet dawn with wide-eyed wonder
And heard the radio call our number...

Snow Day
We're set free
The roadway is three feet deep
So there's no way
The bus'll be getting through
To me and you

The landscape is glistening
What's manmade has been wiped clean
Covered over and made new
All for me and you
Snow Day!

All the homework our teachers planned
And our families' daily demands
Had now been swept away

In harmony, the neighbors appeared
In snow suits and winter gear
Together, for the day

And even Brian Smudz, that bully
Would join with us, all warm and wooly

On a Snow Day (Chorus)

Was this the neighborhood that we lived in?
Everything had changed, so white and crystalline.
It was all so strange, we had to grin
And it was such a shame
We'd have to go and make footprints.

Now in all the bustle and noise
It's hard to regain those childhood joys
It's hard to be in awe

But now and then, we get a taste
And each brilliant little glimpse of grace
Makes me want it all

Maybe someday when this world's outworn
We'll wake to find it all transformed

Like a Snow Day


released December 9, 2016
Snow Day written, arranged and performed by Dave Fournier

Produced and mixed by Austin Sisk
Engineered by Austin Sisk and Pete Kachnycz
Mastered by Mark Trewella at Full Circle Mastering.

Electric Guitar - Dave Brown
Keyboards - Bryan Dietrich
Bass, Rhythm Guitars and Programming - Austin Sisk
Drums - Jason Betz
Background Vocals - Kate Carey

Photo by Dave Fournier

Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Watterson, referenced reverentially as the best comic ever (bringing a world of imagination to the idea of Snow Days).

Special thanks to Mark Giacobbe & Jason McGovern



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Dave Fournier Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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